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Sharing ideas and concepts of innovative practice.

Submission Guidelines

Submission deadline for the Spring Issue is January 1st, and June 1st for the Autumn Issue.

We particularly welcome new or challenging ideas and concepts and reports of innovative practice.

Information for Contributors
Although we try to publish as constructively as possible, note that nothing is automatically accepted. This is a double blind review journal. If accepted we will give feedback and suggestions for improvement and reserve the right to ask for changes and/or more rigorous methodological detail before publication.

Send papers for consideration by email to . Submissions are accepted in any recognised form of English and should:

  • have an abstract of around 100-150 words
  • be anonymized (i.e. the author should not be referred to by name anywhere in the initial document)
  • include a word count excluding references and any appendices

Preference will be given to concise, well written manuscripts which should be double spaced in Times New Roman 12”, with APA referencing. Titles should be short and catch the eye – simple, informative and stimulating reading for busy people.

Finally, please indicate in the email which category your article will fit under and, if it is in a category apart from Time Dated Ideas, an undertaking that it is  not under consideration for publication elsewhere:

Original Paper. (Not published elsewhere)
2000 – 3000 words

Time Dated Ideas. (Synopsises of original work for full publication elsewhere, with statemented permission from the other publication)
1000 – 2000 words

Learning/Teaching Journeys. (Narrative reflections using visual representation (graph, chart, image or similar), to highlight one or two period(s) of significance in your learning/teaching journey)
1000 – 1500 words

Student Views.
Any reasonable length

Book Reviews.
300 -1000 words

Other Items (et. cetera).
We will also consider other submissions on their merits

Time-Dated Ideas
Along with original pieces, we also publish cutting edge synopsized ideas to be “time dated” speedily, rather than waiting a year or more for the full article to be published elsewhere. Please contact us if you have such a project waiting in the pipeline and ensure you include a statement indicating that you have already obtained the other publisher’s permission.

PeerSpectives is published from Kanda University of International Studies, Chiba, Japan


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