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PeerSpectives Issue 9

PeerSpectives Issue 9 – Online Version

PeerSpectives Issue 9 – Print Version

In this issue:

Raw learning experiences
Elizabeth Lammons
In the first of our Learning/Teaching Journeys piece, Liz describes her language learning experiences and how they have shaped her as an educator.

Improvising our lives
Toshiya Otsuka
A reflective student piece about how playing Jazz has shown him new insights into living life improvisationally.

Shadow reading the the EFL classroom: a brief report
Millie Commander and Maria C. M deGuerrero
A brief report on a innovative paper to be published in the journal Language Teaching Research next year that discusses and describes a new teaching method that we can use now.

Joint Class no risk no return – Mixing Classes 合同クラス!
Makoto Takeda, Yumiko Uehara, Chiharu Yoshida, Tim Murphey
An interesting and practical short paper on the experience of sharing a class between Japanese native speaker students and students of Japanese as a foreign language.

Utilizing Photographs in Researching Foreign Language Planning
Mark Payne
A cutting edge paper on an innovative research methodology, image based research. Discusses experiences, issues and calls for more use of this method.

In the muddle of the data
Tim Murphey
A new column capturing the excitement researchers feel as data starts to impart its meaning.



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