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PeerSpectives Issue 12 – Paperless 2014 Special Issue

PeerSpectives Issue 12: Paperless 2014 Special Issue

Original papers:
Testing the cutting edge in translation: Collaboratively building critical thinking
Anna Husson Isozaki

Increasing EFL student writing speeds through the usage of Milton Model language patterns
Brad Deacon

– Special issue papers –
Responding to extended writing electronically: Tricks, traps and tips
John Blake

Use a class blog to start your paperless classroom
Brett Milliner

Moodle lessons and your lessons
Gilda Battagliese and William Machado

Devising a GAME plan: Promoting learner autonomy with iPads
Peter Harrold

From Paper to Pixels: Design and delivery of online language courses
Dubhgan Hinchey, John Blake & William Holden

Understanding what motivates and deters language learners: An experiment with Facebook Groups
Louise Ohashi

Using Keynote (PowerPoint) in the language-learning classroom
Mary Nobuoka

Issues and challenges in a live online project-based Japanese program (プロジェクトベースで行なう日本語のオンライン授業の紹介)
Reiko Aya & Machiko Romaine

Documentary project: An experiment in cooperative learning
Simeon David Flowers

Using Dragon Dictation VR software for more objective pronunciation feedback and guided self-correction for EFL students
James Henry III

What’s going on at the MALL?
Travis Cote, Brett Milliner, Simeon Flowers, & Dan Ferreira


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