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PeerSpectices issue 16

PeerSpectives Issue 16: Spring 2016

Original Paper:

Student Responses to Studying Vocabulary Online: A Pilot Study

Mathew Hollinshead

Interesting Interview:

Talking with Sarah Mercer about Self, Identity, Strategies, and Complexity Theories

Tim Murphey

Activities that Work:

Free Italian Fun: The Empowerment of Shifting Perspecitves

Tania Convertini

Students Going to Grad School:

Get Immersed Get Experiences, and Grow!

Kento Inoue

MA Abstract of Interest:

Negotiating the In-Between: How Two Foreigners Living in Rural Japan Narrated Changes in their Identities

Andrew Lankshear

Book Review:

Rose, T. (2016) The end of average: How to succeed in a world that values sameness

Tetsuya Fukuda

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